Just a warm bowl of love…. Mmmmm potatoes

So any girl, any life form for that matter, worth their weight in salt knows the value of a perfect potato. The versatility and tastiness of potatoes can be matched by few (if any) “vegetable” (is it grown yes, is it a starchy love handle inducing subset of the food pyramid also yes…).

I for one am a lover of all things potato, in fact much to my waistline’s detriment I have yet to meet a spud that I didn’t like. However there is nothing like a perfectly roast potato. It is warm and crisp on the outside at the same time melty soft and almost creamy on the inside. The perfect roast potato needs nothing; no ketchup hold your cheese and horseradish mayo sauce, no thank you I want my starch straight up.

The best part about perfectly roast potatoes is that they are incredibly simple to make. One need not be master of the kitchen to whip up a batch. Day or night this is a side dish that holds it’s own whether settled up with steak or eggs. Oh and if a rouge bite falls during the transfer from pan to plate you need not worry it doesn’t take a bloodhound to sniff out the location of one of these. Only trouble I find are the eyes pointed upward after said bite is swallowed whole, does Lincoln really deserve more of my precious potatoes? This question plagues me every time….

Could you say no?

 Roast Potatoes

3-4 potatoes (any kind will do, if it’s a smaller variety like fingerling use a couple pounds or enough for 3-4 servings)

¼ c. Olive oil

1T. Salt (or herb blend containing salt)

2t. Pepper

1-2 T. herbs dried or fresh

1 clove garlic minced or grated

Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees. Clean potatoes with a brush and warm water to get all the dirt off the outsides. *Cut into bite size pieces, usually about a one inch cube. Pile potatoes in a bowl and top with all other ingredients. Use hands to toss and ensure that every potato is covered with oil and seasonings. Spread potatoes onto a baking sheet making sure each potato is separated. Roast in oven for about 20-35 minutes or till a fork tender**. Toss/flip potatoes a couple times during roasting to ensure every side gets a crispy crust. 

*If using a smaller variety you may not need to cut them at all. The key is that they are ready to go from plate to mouth with no fuss of cutting. Also you want them to be small enough that they cook evenly so you get that perfect texture.

 **When you pierce it with a fork the skin will give way and with little to no force the fork will glide into the center of the potato. Pick a bigger chunk to test as those take the longest to get perfectly tender.


Any thoughts?

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