A Perfect Imposter (that’s also a cheap date ;)

All that's missing is baguette and pretenious converstaion

I was recently shocked at the price of fresh calamari at the grocery store, I asked for a few little squids to toss into a Mediterranean pasta and all three little bodies cost me less than a buck! Expect future entries detailing the cooking methods best suited for these the cheapest of lean proteins. This post however is all about a little phony. A fake-out that renders themselves almost identical to the little squids sea cousin the snail.

Now I like me some odd foods. I am a quarter-rican and between myself, Lincoln, and Audrey there are few menu items we completely turn our noses away from. Snails happen to be one of those items. I am sure with proper cooking they are excellent I just have yet to have to guts to try them out. You may be wondering what all this snail banter is about, well then I’ll get to the point. While perusing the great an honorable Smitten Kitchen blog I noted a recipe for roasted mushrooms. As with all recipes I read it and then closed the window and decided I would wing it and do things my way.

As it turns out my way is freaking amazing! This brings me to my point, these roasted mushrooms ended up looking exactly like delectable roasted snails sans annoying shell and specialty plater. As such I paired them with a nice glass of Pinot Grigio and wished I had the foresight to purchase a baguette to toast up with melted butter so that I could scoop these slippery little suckers on toast points and turn this snack into a full blown fancy pants appetizer. All was noted and I can ensure you, the next time I have people over for wine these little counterfeits will be present, with toast.

Not so pretty but Oh so tastey!


Roast Mushrooms

Adapted from Smitten Kitchen




1 Container of white button mushrooms (look for med. Size)

¼ C. Olive oil

1 T. Salt

2t. Pepper

1-2 cloves minced/grated garlic

2 T. Chopped Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley, divided into 1 1/2 T and 1/2 T (dried can work in a pinch)

2 T. Butter softened

¼ C. Grated or shaved Parmesan

Pre-Heat Oven to 425 degrees. Clean mushrooms to your liking (I prefer to pluck out the stems and give them a good rinse followed by a pat down in paper towels). In a large bowl toss mushrooms with oil and herbs (save the 1/2 T. parsley for garnish). Spread coated mushrooms into a ceramic or glass dish in a single layer. Dot the tops with tabs of butter. Roast mushrooms for about 15-20 minutes or until completely tender (use fork or taste). Top hot mushrooms with remaining parsley and parmesan while warm then serve*.

*Best served with toast pointes. Purchase a baguette from the bakery and have them slice it for you. At home arrange bread on a baking sheet and either spray olive oil cooking spray or better yet use a pastry brush and melted butter. Pop in the oven till just lightly browned and crispy warm. Don’t forget the wine fancy pants ;)

Contemplating what to say at the next cocktail party


Any thoughts?

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