Better than take out and far less greasy

Better than a guy 's affection any day!

 So one day not too long ago a boy made me feel like crap. I was hell bent on coming home to something that was completely off my diet paired with alcohol and sappy chick flicks. AKA the perfect cover up for my cry fest. Seeing as you now pick up your chick flicks from a kiosk in a grocery store I went ahead and trolled the isles in search of something to drink.

What came to me as I walked was an idea so brilliant I hadn’t even the slightest clue if it would work out. You see as I walked around the fruit section, to grab a lemon for fish I planned on eating the next day, I saw some amazing nectarines. As I eyed them the plan unfolded without me even trying. I then grabbed a pear, some organic creamy honey, wedges of both brie & parm, bugged the butcher for tiny portions of prosciutto and salami, olives, and some tasty looking crackers.

When I got home I piled it all on my cutting board (along with some homey marmalade I got on a recent trip) and settled up to the TV with a glass of wine and my supper. About 3 crackers in I realized that this plan was beyond brilliant. I felt luxurious. The meal gave off it’s own ambiance that was sophisticatedly lick your fingers good. The tastes of each cracker and bite were layered and simple. Prosciutto with nectarine, parm with salami and olive on cracker, creamy honey, brie, and pear on cracker. Oh it was delightful and by the end I was still dry eyed and hadn’t consumed cartons of greasy calorie ridden takeout like normal. Ladies this is my new “I hate men” meal, it’s also my new “I just don’t want to cook meal” and my “Girls over for wine” meal…..

View from the top ;)

This one doesn’t have a recipe but here are my personal (not at all gourmet) tips.

-Make sure to have at least two types of cheese hard and soft.

-Have both sweet and savoury additions to make sure you feel fully satisfied.

-You don’t have to get fancy if you aren’t fancy, I like the plain old grocery store brand parm so what?

-Don’t be afraid to mix things up, I was told olives would be a bad addition but they were perfect with meats and cheese for salty bites.

-Arrange items on a large platter or cutting board make sure it looks pretty! If I had just grabbed all the items and sat in front of the TV and ate out of the bag I would not have had nearly the same experience.

Proof positive: Boys are the devil, but then this also proves girls are witches lol


Any thoughts?

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