Who wants S’more!

Nothin like the real thing baby

This picture is from a recent mountain cabin trip. It was one of those oddly cold nights and since we were up on a mountain everything went pitch dark after about 7’oclock. We had an outdoor fire pit and some cozy chairs on the patio. That plus your typical s’mores accoutrement I had what we all know as the best dessert for cold night by a fire.

Thus when I got home I still had cravings for some-more. I did the sad pathetic attempt at s’mores in which you microwave aforementioned ingredients and smoosh together. This didn’t quite work so I started thinking and googeling. I found s’more cookies on a couple websites and found one such recipe that I catalogued for further contemplation. Fast foreward to the other day, I had in my cupboard most of the items required for said recipe along with some packaged break and bake chocolate chip cookies. I decided that I would be lazy and try out a short cut.

Oh milk and cookies how I love the...

End result, wait for it, Awesome! They were warm, they were chewy, they tasted all kinds of camp ground good. Plus I only had a half dozen so I could only break my diet a half dozen times. Linco was not so enthused by them seeing as he was left out due to chocolate/sugar content. Still he got his afternoon snooze on while I enjoyed my afternoon snack with some ice cold moo-juice.

Money Shot!

Quick S’more Cookies

1 pkg chocolate cookie dough (break and bake or log)

 ½ c. Graham cracker crumbs (or enough for about a tsp per cookie)

 60 mini marshmallows

 24-48 chocolate chunks

Preheat oven as advised by the cookie package

-Arrange cookies on sheet pan lined with parchment paper, place in over for 3 mins.

-Pull cookies out of oven and sprinkle each cookie with about a tsp of graham cracker crumbs put back in the oven.

-Once cookies are almost completely baked pull out of the oven and change temp to broil.

-Arrange tops of cookies with marshmallows and chocolate chunks and put under the broil for just long enough to brown the tops of the marshmallows.

* Cut the recipe in half and make these half a dozen at a time if you want to make a smaller batch, heck you could bake them one at a time if you want. However it is noteworthy that they were still great the next day too, even though they weren’t warm :)

He decided he would have a afternoon nap in lue of snack <3


Any thoughts?

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