Feeling Crabby?

Not the presttiest but still delightful

Some meals are just so tasty it doesn’t matter how ugly or messy it is you have to eat it. This meal was one of those. My hands were gross my fingers coated in buttery seasonings. But every single bite was sweet and delicous.
I wish I had lots of pictures of this for you, sadly it was all of about 3 steps and I didn’t think to stop and grab the camera. I basically have been ridding my freezer of seafood that has been in just a bit too long for my comfort, these crab legs were a left over purchase durring a seafood sale at the market. All I did was melt some butter add my favorite seasonings and bake/broil. The end result was meat sweet and far more tasty than the boiled variety. Only thing that I think this could have made this better, fresh crab rather than freezer thawed crab. Either way I encourage you to try it out and dig in :)

The aftermath

No real recipe here but this is what I did basically. Brush the crab with melted butter and seasonings (old bay and blackening) then bake at 450 for about 5-10 minutes. Pull the crab out and brush again with butter on both sides then toss under the broiler for all of 5-10 more minutes or until you feel they are totally cooked. For me it’s when they were bright red and I could smell crab wafting from the oven :)

He got so cozy watching me that he fell asleep <3


Any thoughts?

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