Golden-Doodle Carrot Sorbet

WHEN can I eat it?

So this last minute post for this week comes in because I had to use up some carrots on the fly. So I made the pups some (what I am calling) Golden-Doodle Carrot Sorbet (because it’s golden).

This recipe was seriously soooo easy you simply must make it for your pups sometime. If you have food processor it’s more of a snap. Just pile your “ice cream” or “sorbet” ingredients into a mini food processor and blend. Once everything is in pop it in the freezer and blend it about every hour or so until frozen. Then lets your pups have a scoop on a hot day .

carrot, yogurt, honey, everybody in the pot :)

 I went with simple veggie and yogurt because that’s what I needed to get rid of. The biggest thing to remeber when putting these things together is the list of dangerous foods for dogs (here’s a link for a list of good and bad).

Always ready to catch a kamikaze carrot...

The second thing to think about is amounts, homemade dog treats are generally not the time to go “double dutch” aka just a little at the time. My dogs have iron guts so they have yet to have any tummy trouble with goodies of any kind. Still they only got about 1/4 cup of frozen carrot sorbet tonight and the rest was saved for another sunny day. Whoops just realized I let them have dessert before dinner….I don’t think they minded much ;)


Didn't take him long :)


Little sis liked hers too, sadly she doesn't have the self control to sit and ake pictures : /

So what kind of  “sorbet” will you be making for your kids on these dog days of summer?
                                                                          Golden-Doodle Carrot Sorbet
   1 c. Carrots shredded
   1 c. Plain Yogurt
   1 t. honey
   1/2 banana
  – Combine all ingredients in a food processor blend, freeze, repeat till frozen then enjoy*.
* I piped the kids ice cream out in an attempt to make it look like poop a little more fancy  and used a tiny pinch of  flax seeds for sprinkles :)

Even did the Elvis lip begging for more <3


Any thoughts?

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