Coconut Shrimp

So I made an attempt at baked coconut shrimp. I love love love coconut shrimp. They are sweet and salty perfect! While I realized afterward that I kind of messed up the recipe these were still yummy :)

So I looked up a couple recipes and thought this seems like a no brainer? Then as I started up I realized this was actually harder than I thought… stinking breading wouldn’t stick?!?! I just went with the though and these came out tasty I’ll be it not completely covered in panko coconutty crust. Upon eating these, they did still have all the right taste, I googled a bit more and found this recipe. The next time I try these out I will try an adaption of it. I think some panko bread crumbs would be a welcome addition but not sure yet, I promise to report when I try it out.

He was begging for a little shrimpy… it was very hard to say no.


Any thoughts?

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