Fried Cornbread

This my friends is gold. Delicous fried cornbread made with all of 5 ingredients. I am pretty sure there is a real recipe somewhere but my G told me it’s just something she does by feel now, so I tried it out.

So it’s cornmeal, flour, salt, hot (really freaking hot, basically boiling) water. Then you patty it out and fry it in oil and enjoy your freaking heart out. Especially great with greens.

Don’t fret they got a few bites ;)

Basic Recipe:

4 to 1 cornmeal to flour (we did 4 heaping tablespoons to 1) + a good dose of salt (we used about a tablespoon). Mix all the dry up real good then add just enough piping hot water till it comes to a formable batter. Patty it out and fry it in oil till golden brown.

2 thoughts on “Fried Cornbread

    • It’s been a family secret for a long time and I have to admit when it’s done right its beyond delicious :) The hardest part is handling that SUPER hot dough. BTW no need to pull out the fryer just a frying pan that is at least a couple inches deep :) Good luck and let us know how it turns out :)

Any thoughts?

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