Grandaddy’s favorite fruit pie

So this one time I made this quick simple tart/pie and my grandaddy loved it. In fact he raved about it all over town. So the next time I was over at my grandparents house he requested said pie, here’s the problem….I wasn’t sure exactly what I did the first time?

Certain elements I was sure of (ie lemon and cream cheese were essential) but my G-momma threw a wrench in the plan by adding peaches, “oh I think peaches will be great” she said…well here’s the thing I did what I remembered everything I could think of was the same yet in the end it didn’t set. Basically it was peaches and cream with a cookie crust rather than pie. It was still tasty but alas it left me with no real recipe for you. However I would highly recommend this one to start with and make your own adaptions from there.

We both agree, peaches were sabatoge… could you G-momma?



Any thoughts?

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