Croque Madame

my way (French cooks are rolling their eyes as we speak)

There is this super famous ultra luxe frenchie version of a ham and cheese sam’ich called a croque monsieur, maybe you’ve heard of it? Well I personally prefer the lady version, croquet madame. When I make it I don’t go all ga-ga for béchamel I just use a couple cabinet staples to make my quickie meal. The main reason I prefer the feminine counterpart is due to its versatility. The warm cheesy ham and egg goodness seems perfectly appropriate to eat any time of day.

This one is so easy that this is the only snap shot I got of the cooking process

If you prefer a more traditional recipe try this one, however if you go my way it will be quick and painless and still totally tasty. Biggest tip I can give: make sure the egg is just at over easy/medium. You want as much luscious yolk as possible! Second and third tip are just as simple  2) always serve with a simply dressed salad of spring mixed greens (the acid in the vinaigrette cuts into the richness of the cheese and yolk, you see I always include some of the greens in with a bite of sandwich) and 3) if you can slice your toast right off your favorite loaf of fresh bread. Do these things and I tell you what, you are in for a total treat. Bonus: telling your friends that you had  “croque madame” for lunch  while you read Italian vogue feels incredibly chic ;)


Croque Madame

2 Slices of bread

2 Slices of swiss cheese

2 Thick cut slices of ham

2 Eggs

1 T. Butter

– Heat oven to broil.

– Place bread on a sheet pan covered with foil under the broiler for just long enough to give it a light toast on the top.

– Remove pan from broil and flip bread.

– Top bread with ham then swiss cheese (this is where you would spread the Dijon mustard if that’s your thing. I hate mustard so I skip this tradition however I have tried a smear of Allouette which was pretty decent but not essential)

– Put a non-stick pan/skillet on the stove to heat for your eggs, go ahead and add your butter to the pan so that it can melt.

– Place the sandwiches back under the broiler.

– Gently crack two eggs into the warm buttered pan (or do them one at a time if you’re picky about presentation)

– By the time you flip the eggs the cheese should be bubbling golden brown so pull the sandwiches’ from the broiler.

– Assemble on the plate by place one over easy egg on top of each slice of bread.


Easy Frenchie salad of mixed greens with vinaigrette

1-2 C. Spring mixed greens or arugula

1 T. Fresh lemon juice  (good vinegar of your choice works too)

2 T. Olive oil (the best you can afford to keep on hand)

1 t. Dijon mustard

½ t. Herbs de Provence

½ t. Kosher Salt

¼ t. Pepper


– In the bottom of a large bowl mix lemon juice and mustard with herbs and seasonings (use a fork or a whisk).

– While whisking stream in olive oil until emulsified.

– Just before plating in the same bowl toss greens in vinaigrette.


* I always make the vinaigrette while the broiler is heating up. Then toss the salad after I flip the eggs.


He's wondering if he get's one too :)

Any thoughts?

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