Bring us your tired, your hungry, your furry!

Hello blogging world this first post is dedicated to giving you some info on just who we are and what we are about here at Abe’s Table.

The one and only Sweet baby Lincoln

You see it all started as a fun idea while talking to my older sister, Lincoln’s Aunty April, about how cute my little Lincoln is. Now all pet moms and dads will agree that when it comes to pups theirs is the cutest in the whole world. So when it comes to Stinco* it’s no different for us. So our conversation naturally turned to how good a little spokesman he would be and how anyone would buy anything with his adorable mug stamped on it. Thus Abe’s was born, an imaginary brand we have pondered about for years. Now that blogging has become the new way to share your ideas with the world I decided I would unleash the cutest.

The little sister Audrey

Besides Lincoln (and his little sister Audrey) my other loves include fashion, old Hollywood glamour, classic literature, a good glass of wine, and most importantly a delightfully good meal. So as this blog’s title suggests the main subject will be food, good food, quick food, baked food, and yes even some dog food.

A lot better actually, creamy buttery icing mingled with moist chocolate better :)

So together Lincoln, Audrey, and myself would like to invite you to Abe’s table. May you always leave hungry, happy, and full of ideas!


Lincoln, Audrey, and Angie

*Lincoln has many, many nicknames. Some all time favorites include but are not limited to Linco-Stinko, Fat Llama, Log, Assallamalinco, Linkeronni, and Abraham when he’s in trouble. For ease pretty much any name mentioned in this blog that have “ink” within them or that have nothing to do with anything else are probably a nickname for Lincoln.