Grandaddy’s favorite fruit pie

So this one time I made this quick simple tart/pie and my grandaddy loved it. In fact he raved about it all over town. So the next time I was over at my grandparents house he requested said pie, here’s the problem….I wasn’t sure exactly what I did the first time?

Certain elements I was sure of (ie lemon and cream cheese were essential) but my G-momma threw a wrench in the plan by adding peaches, “oh I think peaches will be great” she said…well here’s the thing I did what I remembered everything I could think of was the same yet in the end it didn’t set. Basically it was peaches and cream with a cookie crust rather than pie. It was still tasty but alas it left me with no real recipe for you. However I would highly recommend this one to start with and make your own adaptions from there.

We both agree, peaches were sabatoge… could you G-momma?



Coconut Shrimp

So I made an attempt at baked coconut shrimp. I love love love coconut shrimp. They are sweet and salty perfect! While I realized afterward that I kind of messed up the recipe these were still yummy :)

So I looked up a couple recipes and thought this seems like a no brainer? Then as I started up I realized this was actually harder than I thought… stinking breading wouldn’t stick?!?! I just went with the though and these came out tasty I’ll be it not completely covered in panko coconutty crust. Upon eating these, they did still have all the right taste, I googled a bit more and found this recipe. The next time I try these out I will try an adaption of it. I think some panko bread crumbs would be a welcome addition but not sure yet, I promise to report when I try it out.

He was begging for a little shrimpy… it was very hard to say no.

Golden-Doodle Carrot Sorbet

WHEN can I eat it?

So this last minute post for this week comes in because I had to use up some carrots on the fly. So I made the pups some (what I am calling) Golden-Doodle Carrot Sorbet (because it’s golden).

This recipe was seriously soooo easy you simply must make it for your pups sometime. If you have food processor it’s more of a snap. Just pile your “ice cream” or “sorbet” ingredients into a mini food processor and blend. Once everything is in pop it in the freezer and blend it about every hour or so until frozen. Then lets your pups have a scoop on a hot day .

carrot, yogurt, honey, everybody in the pot :)

 I went with simple veggie and yogurt because that’s what I needed to get rid of. The biggest thing to remeber when putting these things together is the list of dangerous foods for dogs (here’s a link for a list of good and bad).

Always ready to catch a kamikaze carrot...

The second thing to think about is amounts, homemade dog treats are generally not the time to go “double dutch” aka just a little at the time. My dogs have iron guts so they have yet to have any tummy trouble with goodies of any kind. Still they only got about 1/4 cup of frozen carrot sorbet tonight and the rest was saved for another sunny day. Whoops just realized I let them have dessert before dinner….I don’t think they minded much ;)


Didn't take him long :)


Little sis liked hers too, sadly she doesn't have the self control to sit and ake pictures : /

So what kind of  “sorbet” will you be making for your kids on these dog days of summer?
                                                                          Golden-Doodle Carrot Sorbet
   1 c. Carrots shredded
   1 c. Plain Yogurt
   1 t. honey
   1/2 banana
  – Combine all ingredients in a food processor blend, freeze, repeat till frozen then enjoy*.
* I piped the kids ice cream out in an attempt to make it look like poop a little more fancy  and used a tiny pinch of  flax seeds for sprinkles :)

Even did the Elvis lip begging for more <3

Operation use flounder from the freezer

Here fishy fishy fishy :)

So this was a tester recipe. I had made this awesome fish with this pre-bottled butter dill sauce and I thought it might play nice with some crunchy panko topping. I also had a flounder fillt that was staring at me everytime I opened the freezer door, so I decided I would rescue him from his frozen station.
Here were the issues for me #1 my fish was a little more fishy than I like + I found a couple pin bones in the first few bites (no one’s fault but still a recipe turn off). Second big problem was the lack of salt, I tought I was saving myself from sodium overload by no adding any salt to the fish, fail! Third I didn’t add any butter or fresh lemon to the bottled sauce as I did in the past. Last but not least I had this “brilliant” idea to add some parm to the top of the fish and toss it in the broiler, bad idea it broiled way faster than I had imagined and pretty much burnt. In all of your honor scraped off the burnt bits and pressed on.
Here are my thoughts for future recipe trials I would cut the fillet so that i could try a few variations and pick the favorite to post. Also I think I would get fresh fish instead of pulling some from the freezer, but that’s just to save myself from the fishy-ness. Other ramifications have been made in the following recipe… this one is tentative I plan to try this out again with a few variations and then I’ll edit this post to reflect any changes. But hey if you want to have a go at it, please do leave suggestions in the comments :)
    Lemon-Dill Panko-ed Fish
1 Fish fillet
1 T. Bottled lemon dill sauce
1 t. lemon juice
1/2 t. lemon zest
1-2 t. favorite lemon/herb blend
1/2 t. sea salt
1/4 c. panko bread crumbs
1 T. butter melted
Cooking Spray
– Preheat oven to 450 degrees
– Season fish with seasoning of your choice seasonings.
– Combine bottled sauce with lemon juice and zest in a small bowl.
– Brush sauce mixture over fish then cover/coat with panko bread crumbs.
– Bake in oven for about 8-15 minutes.
– Either drizzle melted butter or serve with butter on side with lemon wedges.

He offered to take anything I didn't want to eat :)


Local Wine-O


You can get a bottle here

This post is just a quick simple bit of semi-obnoxious local advertisement. Here’s the deal Florida is not really known for it but there are  apparently a few wineries who are putting out some decent grape juice. If you are from Florida you may be familiar with the muscadines, a type of grape you peel out of a thick shell-like skin. They are sweet and absolutely unique in flavor. This particular glass of rosa was made from those grapes. It’s sweet and fun, no it’s not traditional but on a hot summer night this is a nice way to cool down. I imagine it would be great as a spritzer…hey wait a second…….

He's ready for a nice summer water, something from the central florida region :)


Feeling Crabby?

Not the presttiest but still delightful

Some meals are just so tasty it doesn’t matter how ugly or messy it is you have to eat it. This meal was one of those. My hands were gross my fingers coated in buttery seasonings. But every single bite was sweet and delicous.
I wish I had lots of pictures of this for you, sadly it was all of about 3 steps and I didn’t think to stop and grab the camera. I basically have been ridding my freezer of seafood that has been in just a bit too long for my comfort, these crab legs were a left over purchase durring a seafood sale at the market. All I did was melt some butter add my favorite seasonings and bake/broil. The end result was meat sweet and far more tasty than the boiled variety. Only thing that I think this could have made this better, fresh crab rather than freezer thawed crab. Either way I encourage you to try it out and dig in :)

The aftermath

No real recipe here but this is what I did basically. Brush the crab with melted butter and seasonings (old bay and blackening) then bake at 450 for about 5-10 minutes. Pull the crab out and brush again with butter on both sides then toss under the broiler for all of 5-10 more minutes or until you feel they are totally cooked. For me it’s when they were bright red and I could smell crab wafting from the oven :)

He got so cozy watching me that he fell asleep <3

Sometimes Magic Happens…

Forgive the crude decorations, I was without a proper piping bag, this was done with two spoons.

 Who in their right mind declares “I will make dessert” to their quasi-elderly grandmother (who is known for her domination of all things pie) while in the grocery store when they have no unearthly clue what they will make? Thusly then said person whips up a semi-difficult dessert on a whim and it turns out spectacular…what else could be the cause of such events if not magic?














So here’s the back story, about a month ago on another whim I decided I would make dinner for my grandparents. They are very much from the country and in their eating habits are also very much set in their ways. If the beans aren’t freshly hulled (or pulled from the freezer after being “put up”) and made with ham-hock they just aren’t any good. What did I decide on making them? Chicken Marsala with steam haricot vert and roasted potatoes. I also made a fresh ceasar salad and dessert. I won’t lie to you I had no clue how this dinner would go but I was either gonna go all in or not at all. For dessert I went simple (but also renegade with no clue of a recipe) and whipped up a fresh berry tart (ie premade crust filled with simple lemon cream cheese filling and piled high with fresh berries). The problem with said dinner, they liked it! Actually my granddaddy liked the pie so much that he insisted that all leftovers were his…. This is a problem people. No one and I mean no one messes with my G-momma and her pies and now this old fool is painting me out as baker supremo all around town. Fast forward to last week and we in the same predicament dinner was coming we were at the grocery store and I ask my G what was for dinner, she says she doesn’t know. With Abe’s Table in mind I say “I can do dessert” and I quickly ran to produce as I had an idea for pie but no clue which kind, blueberry perhaps? Then I saw a blessed sign “limes 10 for $.99” Okay key lime pie it would be, I praised my android for giving me a quick link as to acquire all other necessities and made a run for it.


I had WAY too much extra zest ...

Vanilla wafers and graham chracker crumbs aout to become the sandy crust for the pie.

While I baked she watched, while I whipped she scruitinized, as I juiced she commented…It was like baking in a condescending war zone. First battle crust- Loss. I burnt the pre-packaged crust and had to pray there would be graham crackers in the house. There were, as well as vanilla wafers so I decided on a quick modification then no butter only imitation, damn! The Gods were not with me in that battle. Then filling- Tie. I was able to combine all ingredients just as the recipe suggested but then was fuzzy on when it would be “set” for fear of losing the war I asked for her opinion, as she pulled the pie to cool she exclaimed “shoot” what!!! What happened to my pie?! A finger “accidentally” skimmed the creamy surface, SABATOGE I cried! Whipped cream topping-win. I am a clever girl I knew to pop the metal bowl in the freezer with attachments, I also knew to add a drop of vanilla, I even tried my hand at decorating without a piping bag using only two spoons I dolloped the edge and center with whipped cream however in the end decided I liked whipped cream on every bite and slather the pillows over the expanse of yellow custard like surface. Finally tasting time….WIN She admitted she had never made a key lime pie from scratch the way I did, she used the bottled juice, she also cleaned her pie plate as did we all.


Note the sabatoge on the right side of the rim....


The only regret, granddaddy once again got to keep the leftovers.


In the end I opted for an entire veil of whipped cream :)



Key Lime Pie

Adapted from Joy of Baking 










3/4 c. Graham Crackers crumbs

1/2 c. Vanilla wafer crumbs 

2-3 T. Sugar

5-6 T. Butter (melted)


3 lrg. egg yolks (room temp)

14 oz. Sweetened conensed milk

3/4 c. Lime Juice (fresh is best but don’t forget to strain it)

2 1/2-3 t. Lime zest grated


1 c. Heavy whipping cream

2 T. sugar

1 t. vanilla

Lime slice(s) and Zest to garnish


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees

-In a large bowl mix crumbs with sugar until well mixed

-Add melted butter and stir until mixture is the textur of wet sand

-Press/form crust in pie plate (can grease pie plate with cooking spray prior if desired, I didn’t)

-Bake in oven for about 10 minutes then set to cool.


-Beat egg yolks until light and creamy/fluffy texture (about 2-3 mins)

-Slowly/gradually add sweetened condensed milk and beat until light and fluffy/creamy (about 3-5 mins)

-Add lime juice and zest and beat to combine.

-Pour filling into cooled crust and bake for 10-15 mins or until filling set (it doesn’t giggle/ripple in the middle of the pie when you shake it).

-Chill pie in fridge or even freezer until thouroughly chilled (anywhere from 2 hours-over night).


-Chill metal bowl and beaters in freezer for 5-10 mins prior to whipping cream.

-In chilled bowl whip cream, sugar, and vanilla until it forms stiff peaks or whipped cream texture.

-use whatever method you so choose to top/decorate your pie. I like whipped cream all over, it’s minimal fuss and you get delicous whipped cream in every bite :)

See if you can keep thier paws off this pie!