Pumpkin Month Kick off: Gluten free Pumpkin cookies

As you may know I am currently doing my grad school internship. On Wednesdays all the interns are all in the office for staff meeting, so on Wednesdays I bake.



Now we are not all blessed with abominable guts like my little Stinko. One of the other interns has a gluten allergy so I have made it my mission to rotate between regular baked goods and gluten free delights. So far some great gluten free peanut butter cookies and some awesome gluten free microwave fudge have made it to the Wednesday staff meetings. This week I went one further, I made gluten free pumpkin cookies then when they turned out fabulous and I made it out to the outer orbit I turned those cookies into whoopie pies. So I don’t have pictures of the whoopie pies but all you really need to do is make these omit the sugar frosting and slap some cream cheese frosting in between. From a girl who loves her gluten, these were freaking great with or without the stuff, really.

Recipe here: Gluten Free Pumpkin Cookies

Only one real warning, the batter seems way too thin for a cookie…but it sets up and makes a cake like cookie, kind of like a black and white cookie. It’s somewhere in between cake and cookie but hey, I don’t mind being in the middle of that sandwich ;-)

It just seems appropriate that Audrey be the spokeswoman for all gluten free treats.